Cabaret Makeup

Wig-making for Film, Theatre & TV

Course 1:

4 Days / €1650

Preparing and creating wigs!

  • Learn how to create cap foundations.

  • Whipping darts and seams and learn to repair the lace base foundations

  • Making template with wrapping and head blocks.

  • Learn the skills to create the perfect padded head block to enable you to create your client’s wig cap.

  • Learn how to knot your wig cap. You will be taught how to make directional knots, height/body knots, fine knotting and baby hairs for lace front wigs.

Course 2

1 Day / €600​ (Can be combined with course 3 for €1000!)

Learning the skills of knotting!​

  • Directional knots.

  • Height/body knots.

  • Fine knotting.

  • Baby hairs for lace front wigs.

Course 3

1 Day / €600 (Can be combined with course 2 for €1000!)

Facial accessory pieces!

  • Learn to make moustaches, sideburns and eyebrows.

  • Learn how to make accurate face wraps and templates.

  • Styling techniques.

Course 4

1 Day / €600

Applying and removing wigs

  • Preparing the hair with pin curls, wrapping, toupee clips, and working with springs.

  • Learn to correctly fit lace front wigs.

  • Dressing and styling your wig.

  • Removing and cleaning the lace wig.​

Floral Headpiece