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Men's Hair Replacement


Hair loss for men is a very sensitive subject. Hair replacement can provide a tremendous confidence boost & also improve self esteem.


For many women hair loss can be traumatic as they feel they lose part of their identity with their hair. Many men ask themselves, ‘Why is this happening to me?'

Our Non-Surgical Hair Transplant (NSHT) technology allows you do all the things you enjoy, from rugby or football to swimming (even bungee-jumping!)

We use 100% human hair which we will match to the texture, weight and density of you own hair to creake a bespoke, natural-looking hair system which is completely undetectable.


We can also differentiate the replacement process to suit your needs; for example we can gradually replace your hair, giving the appearance of actual hair regrowth.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Do I have to shave or trim my own hair?

    • No we integrate the system with your own hair.

  • Could I just have my front hair line done?

    • Yes we can tailor any design, shape and size you require

  • Will I have my hair fitted with non hair loss clients?

    • No, GLH treats all clients have experienced hair loss with privacy and respect. Your hair is styled and fitted in a private room. Hair replacement for men is a sensitive subject and we will handle it a sensitive manner.

  • Who actually cuts my hair?

    • Our fully qualified stylists will cut your hair. All our stylists are regularly assessed to ensure upto date cutting and styling  techniques are being employed. Hair replacement for men is all about giving you the perfect style.

  • How difficult is it to maintain my hair?      

    • Your hair will not take any longer to wash, dry and style than it previously did.                     

  • Will people know the hair isn’t my own?    

    • Your hair system will be undetectable, the only people who will know it is not your own hair, will be the people you choose to tell.

  • Is the hair real human hair?

    • Yes we only use the finest quality human hair.

  • How often will I have to come back ?

    • You will need to visit GLH every 4-6 weeks to maintain your hair system, the appointment will last about an hour.

  • Can I go on holiday?

    • Yes, we find that many clients regain the confidence to go on holiday after investing in one of our hair systems.

  • Will I notice that I am wearing a hair system?

    • No, the systems are ultra fine and will not feel heavy on your head.

  • Can any hairstyle be achieved?    

    • Yes it can. Just bring a picture of the desired style with you on the day of your fitting, our stylists will ensure you leave with the style you are looking for.

  • Would I be limited to a single hairstyle?              

    • Absolutely not, you can change to your desired hairstyle anytime you wish, but obviously styles would be limited by the length of the system.

  • Could I use hair products with the hair system?           

    • Yes, in fact we encourage clients to use hair products to achieve that salon look. But on saying this, they are not essential in achieving a natural look.

Male wig before during and after
Male wig before and after