Spa Laser Hair Regrowth Programme

The SPA low-light laser hair regrowth therapy system has been passed by the FDA as a major treatment in the promotion new hair growth and hair thickening, as well as prevention of hair loss.

The SPA laser is a non- surgical treatment that uses photo therapy to re-generate the follicles by stimulating oxygenated blood flow and promoting protein production within the follicles.


Very effective in the treatment of:

  • Male pattern baldness

  • Female hair loss (androgenic alopecia)

  • Female hair thinning and fine hair

  • Alopecia aerate

  • Broken, damaged or brittle hair

  • Hair transplant patients

  • Chemotherapy patients

  • Traction alopecia

  • Seborrheic dermatitis

Scientific studies have found that low-light laser stimulation of hair follicles produced a very marked increase in hair growth . After a period of 20 weeks, with regular treatments, of the people tested, 96% showed a very marked increase in new hair growth and hair thickening.

DHT, Dihydrotosterone (produced by the enzyme, 5 Alpha,) shortens the growth phase of the cycle, causing follicles to miniaturise and progressively thin the hair shafts.


The SHRT products are scientifically and specifically designed to prevent the production of DHT and so promote healthy hair growth.

Products used in the SHRT Hair Re-growth therapy programme:

  • Pre-shampoo solvent - this removes sebum and other deposits from the scalp.

  • Scalp treatment shampoo - used in conjunction with Estradex helps to slow hair loss (14%) and improve hair shaft diameter.

  • Scalp and hair treatment conditioner - soothes irritable scalps and gives shine and volume to fine, thinning hair.

  • DHT Inhibitors (capsules) - prevents the production of DHT

  • Micronutrients - a very comprehensive combination of known nutrients to help with new hair growth

  • Estradex - a specialised formulation after extensive research into hair loss. It has five specific actions on the skin of the scalp.

    • 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors slow down the shedding phase of the hair, decreasing hair loss and improving growth potential.

    • Vasodilators stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp increasing capillary blood flow to the hair bulb and assisting in nutritional take-up of the hair bulb.

    • Regular use encourages an increase in the diameter of the hair shaft by stimulating the hair bulb and follicle by extending the growing phase of the hair cycle.

    • Increases respiration of the skin cells and follicle cells promoting stronger hair growth.

    • Phytoeostrogens help to block the action of the hair loss receptor cells.