Interlace Hair Replacement

Our latest innovation is an interlace & integration method. This system is designed to create instant volume for hair loss up to half a head.


Our interlace system can be created in one day, while you wait!

Interlace Volumising System (IVS)

This amazing unique system uses a bespoke method by which you can have instant hair in just a few hours.

Hair loss due to:

  • Alopecia areata

  • Naturally thinning hair

  • Lack of natural body

  • Trichotillomania


All these problems can be a thing of the past. Fine lace is cleverly attached to your hair with our unique Interlace Volumising System (IVS) covering the areas of your head requiring hair volumising or hair replacement.

The lace is shaped exactly to the shape of your head. Perfect natural partings are created to simulate the exact look of hair growing from your scalp!

The  look is completely natural and can be attained in just a few hours.


A simple re-grooming can be managed every 6 weeks to keep your system looking great for many, many months