Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are a fantastic way to add volume and additional length to your hair, providing the fastest route to the hair you've always wanted!

They can be used to add volume, thickness, texture and length to your own natural hair and come in a large variety of colours, lengths and textures: straight, natural wave and deep wave.

Whatever your reason for choosing hair extensions, you must be prepared to look after them properly, using the recommended products and following the after care instructions.


At GLH we prefer Remi Hair, so it is natural and not been tarnished by chemicals, although we also offer fibre/synthetic hair which looks like real hair for clients on a budget.

Hair extensions are a luxury and fashion accessory. There is no such thing as wearing quality hair extensions for 6 months without any maintenance or re-tightening.

In order to maintain lovely hair extensions you need to invest in them and your own hair for that continuous flawless look. You will need to visit your hair systems International to see an extension technician in London or Spain at least once a month.